Thursday, September 12, 2013

Jomla-Lower Dolpo-Dhorpatan Trek's Photo Journey!!!

Our trip started 16th of August 2013, 14 hours Bus journey from Kathmandu to Nepalganj. It was long night Bus journey and got to Nepalganj 17th August in the morning and next day morning we fly to Jumla, from where our actual trekking started and end the trip at Bhurtibang. Overall trip went very well. It was monsoon season here in Nepal. But still weather was quite ok. Except two days, we had wonderful weather with outstanding scenery and splendid view of Snow Mountains.  We had few hard days. But end of the day we were all happy and optimistic for next day. I just want to share these wonderful off the beaten trail pictures with you all. But some point last part of the trip my camera setting went wrong and did not get better pictures. These are the places to go, to visit and to feel the wilderness experience of adventure life…………….

First day of Trekking. Jumla Valley and world highest Rice field.

David and Eva 

Sanu Gothichaur (Small cattle place)

Thulo Gothichaur (bigger cattle place) 

Our camp side at Kudigaon.

Me and Eve on the to Mathilo dolaghat 

Small village before Munisagu

Our party heading toward Mathilo Dolaghat after lunch at Chotra.

Maure Pass 3890m. first pass of the trip.

My team at Maure Pass. 

Yaks near Maure Pass

Resting and wondering the view next to Okhreni village.
Kagmara Pass west Base Camp

Mt. Lhashamma 6412m view near Kagmara west Base Camp..

David and Eve resting on the way up  Kagmara Pass

Kagmara Peak 5978m.

Eva, Me and David at Kagmara Pass 5115m.

Nuru,Me, Troy, Ben, Pasang and Pemba aslo Kagmara Pass of my first trip.

Mt. Kanchauni 6441m. view from Kagmara east Base Camp. 

David and Eva headind down to Pungmo village from Kagmara Pass. 

Shey Phoksundo Waterfall.

David helping Porter load hehehe........... 

David and Eva having Lunch and drying laundry next to Phoksundo  Lake.

Ringmo village next to Phoksundo Lake. 

Statue of Tonpa Shenrab in the Thoshung Monastery, the founder and great teacher of Yangdrung Bonpo religion.
Bonpo's  Monuments beside the Thushung Monastery. 

Wall painting in side Thashung bon Monaster

View of Dunai valley from Khaldanda.

Jagala Pass4535m.

After Jagala Pass

Our Camp side at Purbang

My team friends on the way up Panidal Pass 4400m.

Our Camp side at Thakur.

At Thakur

Mt. Dogari Himal 6536m and Mt Puttana Chuli 7246m 

Mt. Churen Himal 7371m

Mt. Dhaulagiri vi 7268 and Gurja Himal 7193m

Phalgune Pass 3850m last Pass of the trip. 

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