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Helambu Trek-January, 2014

Helambu Trekking, I have been there few times before too. But comparatively I have trekked less than other popular trekking areas. First time, I went there with my friend to see the trail and I already wrote short story about that trip and posted on my blog. Here is the earlier blog post http://www.guideambar.blogspot.com/2010/12/helambu-trek-december-2010.html. Second time, I trekked with a family from Australia. It was a wonderful trek, but one kid got sick and we did not complete Helambu Circuit trekking. No doubt, Helambu trek was absolutely beautiful as other trekking areas. But this time I found more than that.

The hidden valley (Ba Yul), is blessed by Guru Rimpoche and many great Rimpoches visited this secret holy land. I and Miss Tammy visited several holy sites that belong to Guru Rimpoche, Millarepa and other great monks. Each place we have been is so special and some of them are really in remote places. I am quite wondering how people discover those places. According to local people and a small book I had, many of these holy sites are written on holy Buddhist book and even Millarepa wrote poem about the valley while he was meditating. Many great Buddhist teacher and Monks searched these secret places according to written on book and did retreat and today this valley becoming auspicious pilgrimage place for Buddhist and secret Buddhist retreat center in Himalaya. There are centuries old monasteries, traditional wall painting and beautiful clay statues look so heart touching.   

When my boss asked me to do this trip and explain about client, I was not interest as I was being a bit selfish, because this was not a good earning trip. First thing was, I had done three treks for him last year and none of those treks were good earning trips and just hard and challenging. Second thing was, as being a professional guide or full time guide, you always want sufficient wages to sustain your life and I was looking for the same thing. Third thing was, when he was explaining about Miss Tammy and the trip, I did understand that this trip will not be different than the earlier one. Miss Tammy is a lovely beautiful woman, trying to find peace within herself, practicing Buddhism and volunteering in the monastery.  So how could she spend much money for the trip and how could I expect tips from her. Tips are a part of our earning. Considering the fact, I asked him to send another guide and if he didn’t find another guide then I would go .And I am not sure he even looked for another guide cause within 15 minutes he called me back and said that I need to go. Even the next two days I tried to explain the difficulties I would face in the trek, but he still didn’t try to look for another guide. Maybe it was my karma I finally decided to go and had a chance to visit those precious places. At the end of this trip I did not mind not earning good money. I was just so happy getting this opportunity as everything is not about making money. I would like to say thank you to my boss for this trip. I had wonderful time and I am very happy even though I did not make good money and I thank my boss for believing me for this challenging work.

If you are interested about Buddhism or you believe Buddhist faith, you most visit this place. It is a very powerful place and you will definitely feel blessed. It is not only about pilgrimage journey, it is also about wonderful adventure journey. Traditional colorful Tamang and Sherpa villages, their unique culture, warm hospitality and friendliness surely will win your heart. Beautiful scenery, spectacular Mountain View and awesome sunset and sunrise are also the other highlight of the area.  This 7-8 days trekking is suitable for those who don’t have a long vacation or who do not like climbing to high altitudes. The highest point of the trip is the top of the Yangri Peak (AmaYangri also known as Mother God of Helambu Valley) at 3700m. From this peak you will enjoy a 360° view, taking in a great number of snowy peaks.
Sunset view from Mangengoth

Local believe Guru Rimpoche sat on this rock and gave blessing toward Yolmo valley  for all living being, near Thadepati.

Old Stupa near Thadepati

Guest House at Thadepati

Evening view from Thadepati

Evening view from Thadepati. Mt. Dorje Lakpa and Dom blanc

Thadepati in the evening

Sunset view from Thadepati

Sunset view from Thadepati

Sun rise view from Thadepati.

Beautiful wild flower on the trail.

Moon sign inside Guru Rimpoche Cave (Dubphug)

Inside Dubphuk (main Guru Rimpoche Meditation Cave)

Outside Dubphug

Memorial at Milimchhim

Shakya muni Buddha and Amitav Buddha statues in Milimchhim Monastery.

Stone grinder made by Guru Rimpoche, kept in Milimchhim Monastery.


on the way to Tarkeghyang

Nokote Monastery

inside Nokote Monastery, statues of Guru Rimpoche and Chenringji

The tiny cave where Guru Rimpoche kept his Dorje (thunder bowl)   

Inside Chiri Gompa, the oldest monastery in the area. boiled by Shakya Jangpo around mid 14th century.

Shakya Jangpo

Old Stupa in front of Chiri Gompa.

Chiri Gompa


Sunrise view on the way up to Yangri Peak.

Top of the Yangri Peak

At top of the Yangri Peak

View from Yangri Peak

Chhorten on Top of Yangri Peak.

Looking down the valley from Yangri Peak.

View from Yangri Peak

Self emitted Stupa (Mani Rangajyon)

Beautiful Lady, we had Tea and Potato here.

Morning view from Tarkeghyang

Beautiful Stupas on the to Millarepa Cave

At Millarepa Cave


Monastery outside Millarepa cave

View of Yolmo Valley

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